Odom for Council.

John Odom has History, Vision and Experience for District B

October 8th is fasting approaching and you should be ready to exercise your right to vote.  All elections are important but this one especially important for the city of Raleigh.  Raleigh will name a new city manager.  He or she will need someone on the council with the history of Raleigh.

I have served 14 out of the past 20 years of Raleigh’s District B representative. Over those years I have led or have helped on issues such as, Green Road Library, Horse Shoe Farm Park, Buffalo Road Park and Aquatic Center, the completion of Falls of Neuse widening and many more. 

However, there is a list of things still to be done.  Restoration of North Shore Lake, rehab of the Brentwood Community Center and although, Falls of the Neuse widening was a big success, there are still things that need to be tweaked. I also think we need to clean out the Brentwood Today Lake as promised by past councils.  I like to keep my promises. 

District B is the fastest growing district in Raleigh and we need someone who has the history and a vision. Someone who can get things done and has the persistence to stay focused on particular issues until it is done.  Vote October 8th, Vote for John. H. Odom.

John H. Odom

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