Odom for Council.

John Odom has History, Vision and Experience for District B

October 6th is fast approaching and you should be ready to exercise your right to vote.  All elections are important but this one is especially important for the city of Raleigh.

John has served 16 out of the past 20 years of Raleigh’s District B representative. Thanks to John’s leadership and commitment to the people of Raleigh, Raleigh has the PNC Arena, Raleigh Convention Center, bridge to the NC Museum of Art, the NC Natural Science Museum received the support and funding it needed to be the top rated center it is today. And in District B, John helped bring the Green Road Library, Horse Shoe Farm Park, and the Buffalo Road Park and Aquatic Center. John pushed for the Raleigh Police Department to allow officer’s to take their patrol cars home in and effort for increased police presence in neighborhoods and helped organize the Raleigh Crimestoppers program.

John realizes the importance of quality of life is for the residents of Raleigh. John believes quality of life includes more than a paycheck but also speaks to health and wellness. In 1994, John supported and was a part of the team that received funding for the top rated Capital Area Greenway Trail System and successfully fought for the building of the Lifetime Fitness Center on Falls of Neuse Rd.; a facility that largely serves in part the residents of Falls River, Wood Spring, Bedford and Wakefield communities.

These are just a few things that John has worked hard on while under protest from special interest groups. The vote at the council table was often 5 to 3 and other times unanimous, but John’s ability to bring people together and bring them all to the table has worked well for the City of Raleigh and the residents of District B.

A city focuses on some basic things for its residents: police/fire and water/sewer. John has proven that he focuses more on just these basic issues. John is focused on protecting neighborhoods, maintaining a strong economy, and looking more into transportation opportunities. The city needs to be having more conversations about looking to implement additional bus routes, identify where to add bus shelters where none are currently present, and reach out to connect with the ridership to see how as a city we can improve this crucial mode of transportation for many of our residents.

John’s leadership is proven. Serving for 25 years as the Director for the Greater Raleigh Merchants Association (Shop Local Raleigh), a non-profit organization, John is reminded of their mission statement, to “connect business and community together.” John knows it is critical to work to bring the business community and the residential community together. Having major corporations such as RedHat and Citrix co-existing with locally owned businesses, and the essentials such as grocery stores and gas stations, allows for increased job opportunities and a balanced community.

John is no stranger to North Carolina. Born and raised in Scotland County, his father Chief Deputy of Scotland Co., a man who was hard to miss at 6’8″ and 260 pounds, and his mother Mary, an educator and public servant for NC and served on the state legislature, are the ones who taught John not only how to lead but also what it means to be a leader. John’s mother Mary, a well-known and respected woman, showed dedication and commitment to making NC better for the people. Her legacy from her time spent on the legislature and accomplishments with the Senior Tarheel Legislators still has a lasting impact on our city today. John leads with a constant reminder from his father that “it’s easy to rally people on negative issues; true leaders do it from a positive mode.”

Married 44 years to Linda, having two children and five grandchildren, all living in the area, John is fully invested and committed to this area. This is about making Raleigh a better place for thousands of families now and for our future generations to come.

District B needs someone who has the history and a vision to lead. Someone who can get things done and has the persistence to stay focused on particular issues until it is done. John is a proven leader that fits the resume for District B. On October 6th, leave your positive impact for the City of Raleigh, Vote, Vote for John. H. Odom.

John H. Odom

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